Monday, September 7, 2009

Making up for my Neglect

Yeah, this blog has been a little Madilyn heavy lately, so I figured I should update you on what has been going on with other people in this family.

Colin is a Cub Scout now. He is very excited about that. He has been looking forward to joining Cub Scouts for so long, and has been having fun and working hard already to get started.

Donny and I are the Den leaders, so that makes this whole Cub Scout thing a little tricky, since Colin seems to have issues with understanding that he has to behave for us, too. Other adults think Colin is a very well behaved child. Come spend some time at my house, behind the scenes, and see what you think then! But it should fun, and seeing as how I am a control freak, at least I know things are being done right this way. Colin earned his Bobcat really quick, and went topsy turvey over his new rank!

Now if I can just get all those dang patches sewn on, he'll be ready to go. Anyone out there willing to do that for me?

Yeah, didn't think so. Guess that is part of having a Scout in the house. Now where is that sewing machine?


lelu said...

I use the glue gun for the patches. Every once in a while a patch comes off in the wash but I just glue it back on. Yes, I'm lazy. My mom told me to do it. And I'm so glad she did. ;)

Brooke said...

Yep, glue baby glue! After sewing on Carson's "world scouting thingamjig", I was done with sewing and got the glue things at the scout office.