Saturday, September 19, 2009

3 6

So, with everything else going on this week, what, Madilyn's surgery, me, Donny and Philip with strep throat, missing a whole week of work, Colin getting a new addition to his facial features (more on that later), Ole Blue failing emissions three times!, and the wonderful dreary weather, the celebration of Donny's 36th birthday did not get recorded.

I "surprised" Donny with his cake - and it wasn't much of a surprise since Philip apparantly has a hard time keeping a secret. But none the less, we did have cake, at least we got one piece before the strep took over our throats, taste buds, and all around desire to live. So the kids got to enjoy the rest of the cake.

We aren't big gift givers in our house. We are more of the instant gratification type, no waiting around for special occasions for something we want, let's go get it now, like my beauty of a badly needed new computer I just got that should have been both of our birthday presents.

But Donny has been wanting this little beauty, and since I had some great coupons for it to get a really good deal, I couldn't resist.

Happy birthday Dog!

Now get busy cleaning those floors!

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