Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Home Again, Home Again

If I could, I would do the jig.

Madilyn had another surgery today and all went well. She is doing great, and feeling okay. She does not respond well to anesthesia, but other than some bad nauseou, she is really doing good. Dr. Fabregas said the inside of her bone looked good and clean, so now we will just wait and see if it heals itself.

They checked her SED rate and it was down to 31, which is much better than two weeks ago when it was 79.

She has follow-up visits with both doctors in two weeks, and so until then, she will just continue on and hopefully start some healing.

But, as is always the way of my life, Donny and I both have strep throat right now. Imagine that. Life is grand!

I woke up yesterday feeling bad, and only went to work for a few hours, and by about 6:00 last night I knew it was strep. If you have ever had strep, you know how you feel when you have it, and nothing else feels like that. So, this morning, Donny woke up and he had fever, so I told him he needed to skip the hospital and go to the doctor. My mom is here, so she went with me and Madilyn to the hospital. It was a long day, and I feel like absolute crap. And it really stinks when you are in a hospital full of doctors, and none of them can write you a prescription. Hopefully, I will make it to the doctor tomorrow. Good thing Mom is here. She is my lifesaver today!

And, to top it all off, today is Donny's birthday.

I told you life is grand!

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