Thursday, June 11, 2009


Are you the type when you look at people, say with their kids or parents or other family members, you can often see the resemblance?

Have you ever heard yourself say, "You can't deny that child" or "They are the spitting image of you".

As if someone really knows what you like when you are spitting.


Or what about the opposite? Has anyone ever asked you about your relationship with the mailman or the Fedex delivery guy?

Do your children get excited when the mail comes for reasons other than gathering the junk from within the sacred box?

How much do we really know about our family trees?

We all trim branches off the trees in our yards and gardens. They often call it pruning. Helps keep the tree growing properly and well-shaped.

But how much pruning has been done from our genetic family tree?

Why all the questions?

Take a look at these three.

The two outsiders, yeah, you know them as Madilyn and Colin.

But that one in the middle, that would be sweet little Emmie Leigh, also known as Donny's sister Jacquelyn's baby girl. How cute is she!

Now granted these children are a mix of different momma's and poppa's, Langley's, Parr's and Crawford's, but still, being that they are 1st cousins, I don't know, maybe some kind of resemeblance would be there.

Not at all the case.


Now I am pretty sure I know what is in my family tree.

Maybe those Langley's need to take a closer look at what is in their tree.

I'm just saying.

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