Friday, June 5, 2009

Because I know you are checking,

I have an update on Madilyn for you. Dr. Fabregas just called. The mass is made up of an infection, so they are calling in an antibiotic as I type this. She will now have to go see an Infectious Disease doctor, sounds weird I know, to monitor the infection, and see how she responds to the antibiotics. So it is the best possible outcome to this whole ordeal. But we are not done yet. Let's just hope she responds well to the drugs and does not need more surgery.

Madilyn has done amazingly well through all this. Here is a picture of her with her super sweet nurse Karen right before we left the hospital on Monday.

Hard to believe she just had surgery that morning, huh. Karen sent her a card in the mail, and Madilyn thought that was pretty cool.

We were able to remove the bandage yesterday. And if seeing wounds and stuff grosses you out, don't look down. I know my mom wants to see this, so I have to post a picture of her stitches.

And from the side, you can see how the area looks swollen, but the bump is actually her bone. The mass is inside the bone and has caused the exterior of the bone to protrude. Gross, I know.

Hopefully as the infection goes away, the bone will return to normal. More questions I have to remember to ask.

So thanks again for all the prayers and for thinking of us during this difficult time. If anything changes, you know I'll let you know.


Jennifer said...

I am so glad everything is looking good. There were/are many praying for your family. Prayers did and will get answered. Thank you for the updates.

MiMi said...

I am so happy that the results are postive and good news. Give that sweet Madeline a hug and a kiss for me.

MiMi said...
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Laurie said...

Oh my.. I haven't checked the blog in awhile. I had no idea you all were going through this ordeal!
Looks like things are looking up and I am so glad to hear that. I will keep your family in my prayers that things continue to improve.