Friday, March 20, 2009

Day 5 of the "Good vs Bad" Update

Well, we made it to Day 5. Have you been keeping up? Are you glad it is finally over? Would you rather me updating you on P Philips? Isn't my life just so exciting!

Now, normally on Day 5, aka Friday, aka my most favorite day of the week, I would have posted about going on a lunch date with my husband every Friday when I get off work at 11:30 for the day. Madilyn and Colin are still at school, and Philip should be sleeping soundly during rest time at his "school". And since we all know what it is like to take my kids out to eat, Donny and I truly enjoy our little Friday lunch dates, children free. One day, we went to Shane's and it was nice day, so we were going to eat outside on the patio. I checked and there was a family out there with like 4 or 5 kids, so we decided to eat inside instead. We relish in our rare child free moments, and we didn't want someone else's noisy messy children to ruin our free time. I know, I'm so pleasant. But you take what you can get!

So, with that being said, I must inform youthat this day will not be about our child free lunch. In fact, the day has not been child free at all, since the kids were out of school for a "Teacher Work Day". Now, correct me if I am wrong, but shouldn't everyday be a teacher work day? Why do the children have to be out of school in order to get these slacker teachers to work? What kind of school system is this place running?

My kids jumped for joy at the news there was no school today.

Which leads us to the bad, I told you something bad would sneak its way onto here. What do working parents do with their kids when there is no school? Unlike the last time I had this dilemna, today, was a day of don't ask, don't tell. So, don't ask, I'm not telling.

You wouldn't approve.


Miriam said...

I am asking! Did you leave those 2 home alone for a couple of hours? And is your house still standing? The woods didn't burn down? They are growing up!

Brooke said...

Ah yes...LOVE the "teacher quality days" as they are called here. I call them the "pain in the a** for working parents days".