Thursday, March 19, 2009

Day 4 of the "Good vs. Bad" Update

If I count how many times I have missed baby showers, girls' night out, scrapbook night, church events, Enrichment meetings, etc. etc., well, let's just say, it would be a lot. Before Georgia was on my mind, I was quite the social bug in my Memphis circle of friends. We used to have so much fun, getting together, and doing whatever. If something was going on, I was there. But man, my life has changed. Why, you ask? It's called "three kids and a husband who works night". What was I to do with our offspring on evenings when I would have very much enjoyed getting out and about with friends and church members, but no one home to watch said offspring. Get a sitter? Yeah, that's really not my style. Especially on a school night, because then I just feel anxious knowing I have a curfew that I need to be home in time for, to get the sitter home on time, and get my kids to bed late, then everyone is grumpy the next day. It's not worth the effort. So why not take them with you? Umm, have you ever met my kids? No thanks.

So, now after the great change of '09, I can actually leave the house at night, and know that my children are not running wild through the neighborhood, destroying homes and taking prisoners along the way. I can go out and leave them at home with their dad. Imagine that. Now if that is not a good positive change, then I don't know what else counts.

So, last night for the first time in almost three years, I went to an Enrichment meeting. And it was quite delightful. I just left my house on foot, and walked three houses down to my neighbor Cec's house for the meeting. I felt a little like a Utahian. It was a great night, and lots of ladies came out to welcome me back to my night life. Well, they were actually there for the own personal Enrichment, but I will pretend they were there to celebrate me.

Thanks for the party ladies. It was great!

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