Saturday, March 28, 2009

Why I Blog

I started blogging for lots of reasons. I have always loved to write, but haven't had a reason to really write for myself in a long time. I have found that blogging is a great creative outlet. I also blog as a source of record keeping, or journaling if you will, a place to keep it all together. I love the combination of the written word and snapshots of our life.

I also blog to keep my family and friends updated on all our comings and goings (even though no one hardly ever leaves me a comment - I still know you are reading, and that should be all that counts, but would it kill you to just say hey!)

But today, I learned there was a new reason for my blogging, one I never dreamed would exist! Apparently, I blog to give my brother-in-law something to do while he is, umm, in his own words, "taking a dump".

Glad my "mad writing skills" can make that experience a little more enjoyable for you, Ross. And please wash your hands when you are done!

1 comment:

carolynparr said...

Hey...........Miss ya'll..........Can't wait to see you again........My life is miserable all alone.........