Monday, March 30, 2009

A Monday Memory

I was scrolling through my pictures from springs' past, and I came across the sweetest pictures of Philip and Madilyn, I couldn't resist posting them for you. These pictures are from the end of March, 2006. Philip was 13 months old, Madilyn was 7. Philip loved his sister so much, and she loved him too.

Madilyn loved to read books to Philip, and he was all for the special attention. Philip also loved the camera, and would always give me the cutest smiles on cue.

And how does a baby brother thank his big sister for a sweet reading time?

With as big of a baby hug as his little body can muster!

And lucky me, I just happen to catch the first time Philip stood up all by himself.

Looks like the beginning of the end of the crawling baby, right! Well, good thing I didn't hold my breath waiting on the walking to happen. It would still be two more months before that miraculous event would occur!

I love me some stinky cheese!

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