Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Day 2 of the "Good vs. Bad" Update

Anyone know my kid Colin? Yeah, I know what you are thinking, if you really know him, I'm thinking the same thing. But Colin has been trying really hard lately to change his behavior. I had a little "Come to Jesus" conversation with Donny recently regarding the negative behaviors both he and Colin demonstrated towards each other. It seems to have helped. They are trying to work out their differences. It's not always easy, as Colin is a kid that could make the most patient of all people a little aggrevated. But I can tell that he is trying.

One super, fantastic, wonderfully great thing about our new schedules is that this year Donny has the time to be an assistant coach on Colin's baseball team. Now for Colin that means spending some good quality time with his Dad, playing ball and having fun. I don't know if Donny's coaching has anything to do with it, but Colin is enjoying playing ball much more this year than last year. And that is always a good thing. For Donny, that means late nights at the ballpark, learning that 7-8 year old boys cry all the time, and his kid is not the only kid in the world with an attitude problem and a disrespectful mouth.

Good times for all!

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