Friday, February 20, 2009

The WB

Here in Coweta county we have this crazy thing called "Winter Break". While I agree by mid-February, we all do indeed need a break from winter, I have yet to understand why the school system feels that children need a week off from school. My children certainly didn't, in fact they need extra overtime hours of school, but unfortunately they do not offer such a thing, at least not for free. So for us unfortunate full-time working parents, we are left with the dreaded question that plagues my existence right now - What do we do with the kids while they are out of school?

My kids are lucky, by all standards, they are lucky children. They don't want for much, and have everything children could ever need. Included in that list are two sets of great grandparents who love the life from them. One grandmother, aka Memaw, aka Donny's mom, came to our house this whole week to stay with her pleasant grandchildren. Now my children look forward to such visits because they know they will get spoiled rotten while she is here. But since they don't want for much, spoiling them even more rotten can be a difficult thing to accomplish. But try 4 trips to McDonalds and one trip to Burger King in one week on for size, and that pretty much equals 3 very much spoiled children (and one memaw whose pants are probably a little tighter after all that fast food). Even the giant dog got spoiled by Memaw with a big bone, after we, Donny and I, were chastised by her, Memaw, for not ever giving our dog treats. For shame!

So, thanks Memaw, for spoiling our children even more. And no, we will not be taking them to McDonald's for happy meals and ice cream every day next week as you instructed us to do. We don't want our children to start thinking that we love them as much as you do. Then what we do with them?

So, Spring Break is in 6 weeks. Any takers for my kids that week? Let me know, I will gladly share them with you!

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