Sunday, February 15, 2009

Leaf Jumping

We spent more time outside in the yard, raking. Donny raked a pile a leaves into about 4 feet deep and 12 feet long, and what kid could resist jumping into that?

The cute blonde is Madilyn's friend Danielle. They had so much fun jumping and playing

These two girls are great friends. And believe it or not, Madilyn is only six months younger than Danielle. Yes, my daughter is a shrimp. She is the smallest kid in the 4th grade! But also the cutest!

Colin and Philip had fun letting Donny bury them in the leaves.

Another weekend down, not many more to go before spring is officially here! Hopefully we will be ready! I warned Donny when we bought this house with this giant yard that it would take a lot of work to keep it up. I wonder, if after our 3rd winter here, he believes me yet?

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