Sunday, February 8, 2009

Southern Living

It's that time of year - the time of year where we southerners begin to see an end to winter. The time of year most of us live for. We live in the South for a reason - because we do not like cold weather! We love the weather where we live in Georgia. We have four seasons, even though spring and fall are shorter than in other parts of the country, we still have the four seasons. Spring and fall are by far my favorite seasons, especially here with the trees and nature. I love to watch plants and flowers and trees come to life in the spring. My day lilies are already beginning to creep up from under the ground. But with spring quickly approaching, it means we have a lot of yard work to do to get ready for it. The winter does a number on our yard, covering everything with dead leaves, tons and tons of pine straw, and tree branches and dead trees that didn't survive the winter. So our weekends are busy working outside, raking and raking, and gathering fallen trees and branches, and the best part of that, building fires to burn it all! The kids love building fires, especially Colin. He thinks he is King of the Fire


Colin's friend Dylan joined in the fun. These two boys are so much alike. They are great friends


Philip had fun "getting his stick on fire"



And you can't make fire without roasting hot dogs by the fire.

Come on, warm weather. We are so ready for you!
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Laurie said...

What a fun way to get some work done.
We do need to get together!!! Call me, You are the busy one!