Wednesday, February 18, 2009

10 10's

You may remember this very special birthday Madilyn had not too long ago. Being that we live hours from all family, we rely heavily on our trusted US postal system to deliver special packages and letters for any and all special occasions. So as Madilyn's birthday was approaching, we checked the mail everyday for anything other than junk or bills. One day, a special package from Nana, aka my mom, arrives. Good job Mom, way to get it delivered! So, then we were just waiting on one more package from the other grandmother, aka Memaw.

Wednesday, nothing.
Thursday, nothing.
Friday, nothing.
Saturday, nothing - WHAT?

Another week goes by, nothing.
Then another, nothing.
And another, nothing.

Have you caught on yet? Nothing!

Now we, meaning Madilyn, know exactly what comes in a birthday card from Memaw - $100. And $100 can buy a fresh little 10-year old most anything her little heart desires. So knowing that she has been robbed by someone in a post office somewhere between Linden, AL and Sharpsburg, GA - well, that is just wrong. But Madilyn is well aware of the fact that Memaw delights in spoiling her grandchildren rotten, and will not disappoint her, and that she, Madilyn will in fact she that $100 one way or another. And of course, she was right. Finally, hand delivered to her by her Memaw, 10 10's - just what she wanted!

Now can we go shopping?

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Miriam said...

can your wealthy kids come support our family!