Friday, July 17, 2009

Our Trip Back to Reality

Everything in life has its' pros and cons.

If you can see more of the sunny side, you are considered an optimist.

If you see more of the clouds and dreariness, yeah, you are a pessimist.

That word sounds so unflattering.

Pessimist - Blah! Who wants to be known as that?

It sounds like some type of infection a nasty pimple would get after you picked at it too much. You know, all festered up and pussy looking. So Nasty!

So, if you are a pessimist, please get an antibiotic to take care of that.

No one wants to be around a pessimist. They are afraid they might catch it too. And me, personally, I try to avoid having to take antibiotics. I don't like doctors.

Ahh, but the word optimist. Now that is a word everyone wants to be known as.

Opti is rooted to the ability to see clearly. Why do you think your eye doctor is called an optometrist. Now that is actually one kind of doctor I do like. Seeing as how I need that all-so-important prescription to be able to see at all, he is kind of an important guy in my life. Bad vision is the plague of my existence. We all have our crosses to bear.

So I like to think of an optimist as someone who can see clearly through the mist of clouds and dreariness that surrounds us all while we are here living our life. Unlike a pessimist, an optimist appreciates the clouds and dreariness and is thankful for a break from the bright sun that constantly shines on them.

Do you know what I mean?

Has this post turned into another one of those "What the heck is she talking about now?" and "Why does she have to take the long way around just to get to her simple point?".

What can I say? I like to ramble. And rumble, but again, that is another post.

So, with the spirit of optimism, I am hear to report that Donny and I are headed to Memphis this afternoon to pick up our three children.

I certainly miss those little boogers. I think they have been away from us enough this summer to actually miss us too.

Unfortunately, all that missing one another can't guarantee that I won't get a nasty pessimistic pimple on the drive home Sunday.

Better go ahead and make an appointment today with my doctor to get my antibiotic.

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