Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Cousin Sitter

How many times have I told you about the wonderful joys of being a full-time working mom?

Too many to count, I am sure.

What can I say, life is repetitious at times.

Every mother feels certain ways about summer break.

Some good:

No lunches to fix every morning.

No homework - my personal favorite.

More free time.

Less extracurricular activites.

More time with your kids.

Some bad:

More time with your kids.

More laundry, or at least dirtier laundry.

Non-stop food fest in the kitchen.

A messier house.

A Noisier house.

More fighting.

Okay, now I have more bad than good.

Does that make me a pessimist?

Sorry. Sometimes it just sneaks it way on here.

For me, as a working mom, summers are the hardest. I hate being at work all day while my kids are at home without me. A good mother should be at home with her kids.

But sacrifices must made.

And children must be sat.

My lovely and talented niece Addison jumped at the chance to come spend two weeks with us to watch her cousins. What 14 year old wouldn't? Well, not many, actually, at least if they really knew what they were getting in to.

But Addison came, she sat, and she went. Will she be back?

I hope not.

Only because I have no intention of ever working another summer again after this one.

I plan on reclaiming my life as my own here soon.

But thanks to Addison for her sacrifice, my children were sat, by the best cousin sitter.

By the way, did you know that you still have to pay the sitter, even if it is your niece? Someone should have told me.

Do you think $10 a week was enough?

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