Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Consider it the most expensive Golfball!

Despite my fear of the upcoming Doom's Day, I need to give you an update on Madilyn:

2 Specialists, 1 surgery and about $25,000 later, we are now in the “watch and see” phase for Madilyn’s mass.

She had an appointment with her surgeon Dr. Fab on July 2nd, and after a little debate, agreed she no longer needed to be on the antibiotics, and for now we are just going to monitor her and see what happens.

He feels that the mass in her femur bone is not related to the one in the clavicle bone. He said the mass in the femur is very small, looks practically healed, and does not have the same characteristics of the large one in the clavicle. I don’t know if I agree with him that they are not related, but he is the specialist, so what do I really know in comparison.

He also feels that she does not have eosinophilic granuloma. And he said that unless another mass appears, he would not diagnosis her with chronic recurrent multifocal osteomylitis.

So to him I ask, well then what is this? To which he replied, a serious well-developed bone cyst.

If you say so, Doc. Let’s hope he’s right.

He did answer some questions about the clavicle bone that I was seeking. He says it could take months, even years for the mass to heal itself and the bone to return to its original shape. There is a possibility that it will never return to its shape, though, because of her age. He said if she was even two to three years older than she is now, he would say the bone would not return to normal, but he is hoping that it still will, and only time will tell. He also said the bone is fragile, and could break very easily (as if I don’t have enough to worry about).

At this time, he did not feel it was necessary to do any additional testing and so we are now just monitoring her. I am to watch for any swelling, soreness, redness, or any sign that could indicate another mass has formed somewhere else. If this happens, I need to see him immediately.

So, unless something new pops up, or her clavicle bone flares up again, we will see him in 2 months to see if the mass is shrinking on its own.

I guess after everything, this is the best outcome. I just hope nothing else appears, and we didn’t miss something.

Thanks again to everyone for everything.

One thing I know for sure because of this, no matter what church we belong to, no matter what religion we believe in, we all pray to the same God, and he listens and answers. I have had so many wonderful family and friends praying for her, there is no doubt God heard us, and blessed us for our faith.

Thank you again!

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