Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Big Reveal

Every year, come October 1st, I find myself asking my children over, and over, and over , and yet over again -

What do you want to be for Halloween?

And over, and over, and over, and yet, over again, I get the same reply -

I don't know.

Me, personally, I am a fan of the homemade costume. Store bought costumes are so generic and cheap-looking. My children, however, don't always share the same sentiments. And as the days turn to weeks, and we find ourselves looking trick-or-treaters in the eye with no prospective costume lined up, store bought will always get us by in a pinch.

For weeks, I have been throwing out costume ideas, and no one wanted to catch any of them. Finally, I threw out a pitch Madilyn was willing to go after, and the costume turned out to be a homerun!

Introducing - Queen Candy Corn

Now as Queen, Madilyn rules over all Candydom, riding the land of sour-pusses and bitter apples, and spreading sweetness and cavities, I mean candy, throughout all the land.

And what Queen could rule without her Brave Knight to protect her from evil

So Brave and Strong! (And thank you, Target, for providing us with this magical sword that convinced one little 4-year old that being a Brave Knight would be awesome! Otherwise, we might still be standing in the costume aisle.)

Now Colin, he's so tricky. He had convinced himself that he was too old to dress up, and thought he should be able to just go trick-or-treating as himself. And as scary as he alone can be at times, no respectable trick-or-treater goes as ones-self. So, forced to make a decision, after my attempt at pitching out strike after strike after strike, he decided to buy his generic Star Wars costume, and is supposed to be Obi-Wan.

Hey, I'm just glad he smiled for the picture. That, in itself, was a Halloween Miracle. And remember, he is supposed to be Obi-Wan, because soon you will asking yourself -

What Changed here?

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Miriam said...

LOOOOVE Madilyn's costume. Very Cute!