Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Sick of Fall

Been keeping up with me on Facebook lately? Then you probably already know.

We are sick


This fall - I am sick of it.

I hope it feels as bad as we have been feeling.

Shame on you fall. Shame on you.

And even though I am sick of this fall, there is no antibiotic to cure that.

So, instead we are all on antibiotics to treat our strep that has struck our house again.

First, Colin, then me, then Donny, now Philip.

Madilyn is the only one who is safe. Who knew that having a bone mass and being treated long term with antibiotics would actually keep her healthy through all this other mess.

Take a gander at my kitchen counter

Thank you, Rite-Aid for your wonderful $3 generic drugs. Who knew there was a perk for working for a drug company?

Now if we only had a doctor in the family.

And Philip has been officially diagnosed with asthma as well. He now has a preventative inhaler that he has to use twice a day, which hopefully over time will reduce his need to use the albuterol inhaler to treat his actual "attacks", which for Philip involves uncontrollable coughing which leads to him not being able to breath, which eventually leads to him throwing up. It is not a pleasant cycle people.

And, as if that is not enough, he has an appointment with an ENT on Thursday to see about getting his tonsils taken out. His left tonsil is so big it literally bulges out of the back of his throat. It looks like you could just reach back there and pluck it out. I wish it was that easy. Poor little guy has really been having a rough go of it lately. This is his fourth round of antibiotics since the end of July, plus he had pneumonia back in April, so the guy has not been healthy. So, hopefully we can get his tonsils out and get this asthma thing under control, and we can stop going to the doctor every other day.

Unless, of course, we can ever get that doctor in the family. If Donny could find a woman that is a pediatrician, I might not be opposed to him taking another wife.

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