Friday, October 23, 2009

Freaky Fright-Day

Thought I would take you back in time a few years to Halloween 2006. This was our first year living in Newnan. Madilyn was 7, Colin was five, and Philip was 1, and boy, were they cute!!

Sheriff Colin had come to town to arrest Frankenstein's monster, who had been set free by the hyper-active Alabama Cheerleader.

I love looking at these pictures. Some things I noticed - Madilyn still had bangs, Philip really was still a baby, and so cute!, and Colin was camera-friendly. I was cracking up at all his faces. The kid really got into character.

So much fun!

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carolynparr said...

well, how's that girl doing. And how's Colin's behavior. Is Philip scheduled for tonsilectomy. Never hear from yall. Let us know.