Thursday, October 29, 2009

Keeping you "In the Know"

It has been brought to my attention that I have neglected to keep you updated on how Madilyn is doing. My neglect obviously is because she is doing great.

She had a post-op follow-up visit with both her doctors a month ago, and they both agree that she is doing great. Dr. Fabregas took X-rays, and it looks like the healing inside the bone has already begun. He said we should be able to see what will look like a spider-web inside the bone, which over time will become more and more dense. They will do additional X-rays in a couple of months to see how the inside of the bone is looking.

Dr. Shore, a great doctor in my opinion, wants her to continue on her antibiotics for at least six months. He did more bloodwork, which all came back great. Her SED rate was at a nine, which means there is no inflammation in her system.

A funny thing, well, kind of depending on how you look at it - on the way to see Dr. Shore, Madilyn asked if he would want to do blood work again. I told her I was sure he would. Her response - "I don't know why Dr. Shore likes my blood so much. Everytime I see him, he is obsessed with getting my blood." So I tried to explain to her why it was important for him to take her blood, and she just really didn't care. Her response - "Whatever. I just don't even care anymore. I'm not even going to cry this time, because I am just over it. If he wants my blood, let him have it."

What I can say, she is a trooper!

And for your viewing pleasure, here are some pictures of the residual damage

Quite a lovely little scar, isn't it? She doesn't seem to mind it, though. The clavicle bone is twice the size as the left side, and you can see how it protrudes. But Madilyn feels fine now, doesn't have any pain at all, and is doing great.

And, your welcome for the update!

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