Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Favorite Aunt

I know I have talked about my favorite uncle before, good Ole Uncle Bill, and then their is my kids' favorite uncle, my BIL Ross. But now the kids are all about their favorite aunt. And I have to admit, she might be my new favorite as well.

And seeing as how me and Donny both come from small families, my kids don't have a lot of options and the competition for favorite aunt is pretty slim.

They have their choice - My sister Miriam or Donny's sister Jacquelyn.

And while both of these gals are just super, we decided to broaden our horizons a little, and welcome a new aunt into our family. Kind of like an adopt-an-aunt program.

And since I was able to get her on sale for only 49cents a box at Kroger, we stocked up so we could enjoy her pleasant company for many many mornings.

So Miriam and Jacquelyn, until you are ready to come over and make some delicious pancakes for my hungry kids to eat before school every morning, I would say the competition for favorite aunt is pretty much wrapped up!

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