Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Disaster Averted

As busy moms, we all love it when our kids reach the age when they are old enough to be left alone in the bath, especially when the kid loves to take a bath, and will stay in there until there isn't much left of him.

But sometimes, there can be a definite down-side to that treasured moment of alone time on the couch, resting and relaxing after a long day, not having to worry about what the disaster-prone toddler is up to now.

Last night I walked into the bathroom and found this

Now granted that Philip is about the cutest little lion cub ever, but this was not all I found. He was accompanied by this

And just for effect, another angle

And, yes, the water was still running.

He was having a blast.

And couldn't understand why I freaked out.

After I grabbed the camera, of course.

Had I freaked out prior to my snaps, the photos would have been less than desirable.

Just when you think it is safe to breathe, he proves me wrong.

Disaster #1,478,532 averted.

Until next time, the trouble maker will be planning. . . stay tuned.

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