Thursday, May 28, 2009

An update on Madilyn

We saw the Orthopedic surgeon today.

Results: Still not sure, but whatever it is, it's not good.

We are basically looking at two scenarios right now.

Best Scenario - a rapidly growing infection in the bone. If this is the case, she will have to have surgery to remove as much of the infected bone as possible.

Worst Case Scenario - some type of malignancy attacking the bone. If this is the case, they will immediately begin running her through about 10 different tests to determine what kind of cancer it is, they will have to stage it, and determine a treatment.

She is scheduled for a biopsy on Monday morning at 10:00am at Scottish Rite hospital at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta. The doctor said that 95% of the time they can tell immediately what they are looking at, so we should definitely know on Monday what course of action we are going to have to take.

My mom is here now helping with the family.

We are all handling this as best as we know how right now.

Madilyn is doing fine. She doesn't really comprehend the seriousness of the situation. She knows she is having surgery Monday, and is not excited about that, but her spirits are up, and she is still acting like Madilyn, and that is the way we want to keep it.

I will continue to update the blog as much as I can.

Thanks so much for caring and for your prayers.


MiMi said...

I will keep sweet Madilyn and the rest of your family in my prayers. The good news is that which ever scenario it may be, there are remarkable and fast acting treatments. It sounds like she is in good hands and receiving great care.

Erika said...

Madilyn and your family will be in our prayers. Life can take sharp turns so fast! The Lord will take care of you and your family.....I know you have faith in that.

Jennifer said...

That up beat spirit is the right medicine for now. Keep going in that direction. Prayer do get answered.

LaVonne said...

You all have been in my prayers! Tell Carolyn I've got
her covered back here.....Love you!

Jenny said...

We are praying for you in Mississippi too! Much love,
Jenny M(Miriam's friend)