Monday, April 27, 2009

A Monday Memory

My memory this week comes from Easter 2006. This was our last Easter in Memphis before we moved to Newnan.

Three things I notice about this picture:

1 - Colin is always Colin
2 - The cutest smile ever on Philip's face
3 - Madilyn was still little enough to wear hand-smocked dresses, and I was still a good enough Mom to make her hand-smocked dresses.

Oh, and one last thing, my necklace was fabulous.

My sister and her family had come up from Hattiesburg for the holiday.

Tanner decided to sleep through the picture taking. He is dreaming of LegoLand filled with Reese's peanut butter eggs.

My parents are lucky lucky people. They have the best looking group of grandkids ever! Mine are definitely cuter than my sister's, but her's take a close second.

Me, my mom, my brother Blake, and my sister Miriam. What a bunch we are!

Here's to all our Easter's together, and many more to come!

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The Wiltbank Bunch said...

I miss those smocked dresses!!! I think of you every time I start whining that I can't find any cute ones out here for Adisen. I think to why did I not let my good friend Crissy teach me how to smock dresses? goodness knows you offered, but I was too stupid to take the time to learn it! Oh well!