Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter, in Retrospect

The long awaited post has finally made it's way onto the WWW. With all the anticipation that has been built up waiting on me to get this done, I am sure you will be disappointed with what I have for you.

One thing I learned this past weekend - I suck at taking pictures. I somehow managed to NOT get any of the pictures I needed, well, needed is a little strong, let's try wanted instead. But, since my new life philosophy is all about learning to live without my wants, and being happy to get what I need, I guess my lack of picture taking skills fits right in.

Have I completely lost you? Yeah, you can stop reading now if you want. It doesn't get any better.

Speaking of not getting any better, our Easter was fabulous. My sister played Hostess to us Langley's at the Arroyo estate in the oh-so-hot town of Hattiesburg, MS.

Do you realize that in 1 year I will have spent more of my life living outside the state of Mississippi than I spent living in it? Since I am a southern mutt, I guess that is fitting. I never know what to say when people ask me "Where are you from". Life is so confusing.

Sorry, I got distracted from my accounting. We started our weekend away by heading to Alabama to pick up our offspring from the grandparents house and drop off the giant dog for the weekend. I arrived to find my beautiful baby boy abused and broken. His grandparents thought his older siblings were responsible enough to drive him around in the golf cart, but I would say that one massive bruised, scrapped face, and the almost loss of his right leg would prove them wrong. I also found one confused tweener daughter, who was told by her pepaw during her visit that she couldn't have donuts for breakfast, because, according to him, who eats donuts for breakfast? I know, I was confused too. And Colin, well, he was still Colin. Try as he might, he always manages to find himself in some sort of trouble.

Note to self: Next time you graciously agree to let others' watch your children, give clear DO's and DONT's for the safety of everyone involved. Not that "they" would listen to me, but at least then the abuse is on "their" heads, not mine. And don't worry, "they" don't read my blog.

Friday morning we happily made our way to my sister Miriam's house just in time for us girls' to head out and spend the rest of the day doing what our husbands' hate most - shopping. When we could spend no more, we made our way back to the estate to find that our most beloved Nana had made her way down from the north of the state. It's not often that we Langley's leave Georgia, so when it happens, everyone wants to get in on the action.

My children were thrilled beyond belief to find that I had purchased the necessities for them to do this crazy stuff:

South MS was a whopping 85 degrees, so how could anyone expect children to resist jumping in the pool, even if the water was freezing cold. After multiple belly-flops, noddle wars, beach ball kicking, and one near fatal drowning courtesy of Philip falling in the pool unnoticed, we called it a day. The near fatality was not Philip, but rather me, after my heart stopped beating trying to rescue him.

Saturday was all about chillazing. The sun was shining! Cousins were happily playing together. It was the perfect day, mainly because I fell asleep on the couch for an hour without interruption. Not sure if anyone else even knew that before now. Can't remember the last time I got to do that. More swimming, sun-tanning, egg hunting, candy eating, dessert making, egg dying, ladies chatting, Masters watching, clothes matching, and chicken grilling occupied us for the rest of the day. And did you know my BIL, Ross, (you know the one) occupied himself all day preparing and planting a garden? Good thing he had lots of crack to keep him going, otherwise, he might have gave out. Told you I didn't get all the pictures I needed.

Ahh, Easter Morn. The sun was shining. Birds were singing. The bunny had come. Philip told me he woke up during the night and looked out the window, and saw the bunny hopping around. It must be true, he says it was so.

After church, a lovely Easter dinner, and unfortunate packing, it was time for us to make our multi-state trek back home. It was a long drive, I mean L - O - N - G long, including another stop in Bama to pick up the giant dog, which of course, did not go without all kinds of drama, including Pepaw running around the yard with his gun trying to shoot the neighbor's dog, (welcome to my life), and Colin crying his eyes out because he missed Tanner so so much, and no matter how hard he tried not to think about him, he couldn't stop, and just really really missed him and was so boo-hoo-baby crying sad. But through it all, we made it home, and the house was still standing. No fires destroyed it, and no tornadoes ravished it. We were blessed.

So thanks, to the Arroyo's for a great weekend out of the nutshell. Until next time,


Erika said...

:) You are my favorite should write a book! You are FUNNY!!!!

Amanda, Joseph, and Scottie said...

Oh my goodness! 85 degrees! I miss the south. This was Scottie's spring break and we got walloped with snow on Wednesday and Thursday.

Sounds like a crazy weekend, I'm surprised that no one had to institutionalized. The kids look great and so big.