Sunday, April 19, 2009

It's All Relative

I'm sure we all have a favorite relative. You know the one that just cracks you up, that is always doing something crazy to get a laugh out of you. My favorite relative has to be my uncle Bill. Uncle Bill is my mom's sister Debbie's husband. Did you follow that geneological track? I'm sure you did fine.

I have so many funny memories of good ole Uncle Bill from my childhood. He was so crazy, always barking like a dog, making inappropriate jokes, you know the kind. Uncle Bill also always made me feel good about myself - boosted the self-esteem. Every girl needs a lot of that!

I love Funny. I also love Crazy. If I wasn't already married to Donny, Funny and Crazy would be fighting over who gets me. Good thing I don't have a problem getting a little Funny and Crazy action on the side, cause I need it! If it weren't for them, life would just be sad. Over the Easter weekend, there was plenty of Funny and Crazy stuff to go around. My BIL Ross is another lover of Funny and Crazy, hopefully the female version. Leave it up to Ross, my kids' favorite uncle, to teach them the art of making homemade bubbles.

All kinds of inappropriate remarks are flooding my mind right now, but since this is the family blog, I better keep it clean, like Ross' hands after all the bubble blowing.

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