Saturday, April 4, 2009

Puppies, Hush! It's only Catfish

Why do dogs like to chase cats? Not sure, but don't you think it is strange that we eat hushpuppies with catfish? Just something to think about.

Donny's parents came for a quick visit this weekend. The original plan was to plant the garden, but with all the rain we have had, and even more on the way, we decided we needed to wait. So we spent the day working in the yard, raking out flower beds, cutting the weeds, I mean grass, and hoping that warm weather hurries up and gets here to stay. I needed a day like today so bad. After the awfully stressful week I have had at work, it felt good to get outside on a warm sunny day and just work in my yard.

After the long day, we had us a southern catfish fry. We had some yummy fried shrimp, catfish and hushpuppies.

Next week is Spring Break here in Newnan, and so my kids get to go to Sweet Home Alabama with the grands. I know, I'm lucky. No children for a few days. I will count my blessings while they are away!

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