Sunday, January 4, 2009

How can my baby be a Sunbeam?

I must have blocked it out of my mind, because it wasn't until Saturday night that it hit me - "Philip is going to be a Sunbeam tomorrow" No, no, no this is not possible. How can it be that my baby is already a Sunbeam? A sunbeam equals a big boy, and my baby cannot be a big boy. He has to stay my baby, right? But, like it or not, he became a Sunbeam. I think he was excited, or at least as excited as he knew how to be about becoming something he didn't really know what it was.

Isn't my baby the cutest little Sunbeam ever?


Jennifer said...

He IS the cutest sunbeam, (since mine of course)....They are all growing up way to fast.

Britt said...

I really cannot believe they are Sunbeams. We have so many in our ward and since I am the PP it is pretty brutal. Can these 16 kids really sit through 2 hours of Primary? I am a little doubtful. We'll just hope for the best!

The Wiltbank Bunch said...

I'm so glad you commented back to me! I need to get your email address so we can catch up. Mine is

My gosh Madilyn reminds me so much of Ty's little girl Kallie...just their coloring and their expressions!

We miss you guys too! Maybe we'll catch up again one day! Did you guys make it back home for Christmas this year? I passed your mom's house a couple of times!

Brooke said...

Chrissy...he is adorable!!