Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Cake

Oh, yes, this cake deserves a post all of its' own. After I made Emmie Leigh's birthday cake, a store-bought cake wasn't going to do for Madilyn anymore. She wanted one too. So what kind of cake do you make to celebrate a perfect 10 birthday?After 7 long hours (there were a few cake issues along the way), here it is -

When it was time to eat it, the neighbor kids just happened to come by to get in on some cake action. One kid said "Two thumbs up on the cake, Mrs. Langley", to which Colin replied, "No, a million thumbs up on the cake", then another said a billion, then a trillion, and I'm sure you can get the pattern of where it went from there.

Every time I make a cake, I learn something for the next time. What did I learn this time? If you're not willing to do it for your own kids, don't do it for someone else's!


ADenton said...

Great job Chrissy! It's an awesome 10-year old girl cake! Sorry that you ran into 7 hours worth of snags. Bummer!

Trent and Rhonda Wardwell said...

Okay, i just stumbled onto your blog from Le and now I see the cake you said on FB took you 7 hours...that looks awesome!!! wow, you did a great job...a lot of work...but wow, that is fabulous!