Sunday, January 11, 2009

Holy Madilyn

Let me start by saying that Madilyn did want to get her pierced, maybe not in this moment, but she has been wanting to do it, so I did not force her to do something she didn't want.

As soon as Madilyn opened the bag and read that she was getting her ears pierced, you could see the panic on her face. When we got to Claire's, she was very unsure about the whole situation.

I knew it wouldn't be long for the tears to come. I was right. As soon as the girl started cleaning her ears, the tears started flowing.

But being the mean mom that I am, we continued. What kind of mother stands by and lets people put holes in her daughter's ears while she is crying and protesting the whole time? A mother that knows she will be happy when it all over with. Luckily, they tag-teamed her so it was over quickly and she only had to get shot one time.

Not only do I let people "hurt" my child, but I stand by and take pictures of them doing it!!

Don't worry, she survived. And is now happy I made her go through with it.


ADenton said...

We have similar photos of Lauren's ear piercing day. She was supposed to get them pierced on her 9th birthday, but she literally freaked out and we couldn't go through with it. I think she felt embarassed about it for a whole year, so when she turned ten, she was a lot more brave. It was still an ordeal. But you're right, if you can just encourage them until it's quickly over, they're very happy with it.

The Wiltbank Bunch said...

Emily is bugging me to get her ears pierced but her dad will have none of it! I think Ty and I have decided to do Adisen's within her first few weeks so we don't have to go through this, although I have to say...the pictures were very what does that say about me? I enjoy watching pictures of you torturing your daughter! LOL!