Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Still Hanging in there

We survived another night here at the hospital. It was definitely better than the first night, but nothing beats the comforts of home.

Madilyn is doing great. She isn't in any pain, other than she hates having the IV stuck in her hand. Dr. Fabregas came by this morning, and said her cultures are still not growing, which is the same from the first time around. He said we may get to go home this afternoon, depending on what Dr. Shore decides. Dr. Shore said last night that he didn't think she was going to need the pick-line, so hopefully we will leave here with just oral antibiotics. So we are just waiting to see when Dr. Shore feels she has had enough of the IV, and we will go from there. I will keep you updated.

1 comment:

LaVonne said...

Yeah! I'm glad she may get to go home sooner than
you thought. Wanted her to pick out something she
wanted to do while in the hospital--thus the gift card.
You all are in my prayers!