Saturday, August 8, 2009

Fun around Ft. Myers

Day Three - We decided to take a break from the sand and surf, and see what kind of fun we could have around the hot town of Ft. Myers.

Did you know they grow oranges in Florida? No, I mean, big oranges!

Good thing it rains every afternoon in Florida. Those oranges need plenty of water!

Next, we decided to take a sight-seeing train ride around town.

The town of Ft. Myers - looks like it could use a little facelift

Thank goodness for the Brooks' hospitality, because I'm not real sure I would have wanted to stay at this hotel.

Strange animals roam the area.

If you happen to be attacked by some animal, this is where you will buried

One good thing is Ft. Myers is going green, seeking alternative energy sources

And did you know that it is hot in Florida, too? I mean, really hot! Made me want to shed my clothes, shave my hair, and turn into a fish.

To cool ourselves, we hit up a sprinkler park. The kids had so much fun playing in the water.

Another great day.

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