Thursday, August 13, 2009

It must have a Hot Temper

For lack of better terminology, Madilyn’s mass has “flared up” again suddenly. She is scheduled for an MRI on Sunday morning at 9:00 at Children’s Hospital in Atlanta. I know that seems like a weird time, but they said they do MRI’s seven days a week at the hospital, so I guess Sunday is as good a day as any.

About a week ago, she started complaining that her shoulder was hurting a little, and everyday since then the pain has gotten progressively worse and worse. She is now back to the point where it hurts to use her right arm at all, especially if she has to move her shoulder and she is wearing her sling full-time again trying to alleviate some of the pain. I called Dr. Fabregas, her orthopedic surgeon, and he suggested we go ahead with the MRI, and what he is calling “diagnostic testing”.

She has been doing fine up until this point. I have been checking the mass area frequently for any signs of change, hoping it would start to look like it was shrinking. To me, it looks like it has grown. It seems to go up the clavicle bone into her shoulder more than it did before. And now it looks like it is growing out more as well, protruding so much that it looks like it is moving up her neck. It appears as if it is swollen, but it is very sensitive to the touch, and she cries out in pain if I try to feel around on it, so I haven’t been able to see if it feels any different than it has been.

She ran a fever on Tuesday of last week for no apparent reason. I thought her body was just exhausted from a long week in Florida. So you can guarantee I will be asking if the fever could have anything to do with the mass suddenly flaring up again.

So, I guess we are starting the “Let’s wait and see” cycle again. More testing, more waiting, more questions, more unanswered questions, more frustrations, more anxiety.

I’ll update and keep you posted as soon as I know anything.

Prayers, again, are needed, and so appreciated!

Thanks for everything!

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