Monday, December 22, 2008

Tux turns Two!

Our giant dog, Tux celebrated his 2nd birthday yesterday. We got him an Alabama collar to celebrate the occasion. Donny said it was time the dog started to "represent". Put a trunk on his face, spray paint him gray, and he could pass as an elephant any day!

And in case you are wondering, What does a family do with a giant dog when they go on trips out of town? Well, we take the giant dog with us, of course. Tux has his own spot on the back row with Colin.

Tux truly is a member of this crazy family! Good thing we drive a big ole SUV!

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The Wiltbank Bunch said...

Hey Crissy! I was browsing through blogs and found yours! Hope you guys are doing well! I saw your mom last year at Christmas. We're leaving town tomorrow to head back to Mississippi for a week long visit. Hope you guys are doing well and hope to hear back from you. Feel free to email me at