Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Ashley Park = Great Photo Ops

After Madilyn's Choir concert on Saturday, we headed over to Ashley Park to do some shopping and take advantage of all the great photo ops. For those of you who don't live in Newnan, Ashley Park is our new open-air mall. It is soooooooo nice. The landscaping alone is completely amazing. I find myself driving through somedays just to see all the beautiful plants, flowers, and waterfalls. The mall itself was designed to look like a small town or village. The fronts of the stores are all unique and look like homes all lines up next to each other. It is very beautiful. Very unique and classy! So here are some pictures we took at Ashley Park, all decked out for the holidays.

Oh, Colin, always in the mood to have his picture taken!

The giant tree was so beautiful. Look closely and you will Madilyn and Colin standing at the base of the tree. The tree was gigantic!

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