Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A family visit from the Arroyo's!

My sister Miriam and her family recently came to visit us from Mississippi. My kids love spending time with their cousins.

From left to right we have Philip (3), Anna Reese (5), Colin (7), Addison (13), Tanner (10) and Madilyn (9).

While here, we made our annual fall trip to Six Flags. October is definitely the best time to go. It's not too hot, and it is Fright Fest, so everything is all about halloween and spooky-ness.

Philip had a hard time not understanding why he couldn't ride the roller coasters. But he had a blast riding everything that he could.

Donny and I took the younger kids on Thunder River, and well, we got soaked. There was not a dry spot on me, and poor Philip, he had the pleasure of sitting beside me, so he too did not have a dry spot on him. Colin, Tanner and Anna Reese - totally dry. Not even a drop of water on them. I should have sat on their side of the boat!

Nothing quite like a little Six Flags Porn to enjoy while waiting in line to ride the carousel. Hey, they got to keep the dads' entertained somehow, right!

After a very long day filled with lots and lots of fun, Philip gave out. But not without letting go of his football and basketball his dad won for him. ROLL TIDE!

Thanks for a great day Six Flags. Can't wait till next year!


goesgreens said...

Nice Blog...

teamw said...

Awesome!! Now you just have to keep up with the blog or else I'll be hounding you for new posts! Blogging and reading blogs is how I unwind so there is no such thing as too many posts!

Laurie said...

This is such a neat way to keep up with eachother.
I am excited to read more.
Miss you guys!