Tuesday, November 18, 2008

My fourth baby!

Yes, folks, that is right. There is a fourth Langley baby. Okay, maybe not biologically, but he is a Langley just the same. His name is Tuxedo Hopper Langley, aka Tux, named for his black color and white strip down his chest like a tuxedo shirt - He's fancy! He came to be a member of our family in February 2007. How could anyone have resisted this cutie! (Dang puppies for sale in the Walmart parking lot! - Don't ever stop to just look at them!!!)

Now he is about to celebrate his 2nd birthday in December and take a look at how much he has grown!

Yes, he is the biggest dog you have ever seen. Your eyes are not deceiving you. And, yes, he is an inside dog. I know, I know. You don't need to say anything. Your expression and the "Oh my gosh" that went through your head when you read that says it all! But he has turned out to be a really good dog. He loves to play with Philip! He trys any chance he gets to jump in our lap and cuddle, but he is just so dang big and bony! He brings a whole new meaning to the expression "Legs for days". So, that's our dog. We love him, and at this point, we'll keep him around for awhile!


Jennifer said...

Kudos to you. Having a dog that size, in the house, WOW. We have NO, ZERO, NADDA, pets here. And I get the "But mom, he/she has a pet". Your Tux is dang cute, I have to say. Just another member of the family.

Christine said...

OMGosh! he is so cute! our dog got hit a couple months back right out in front of our house! the kids would love another one! but I cant not with the baby on the way! it is nice to keep up with you through blogging! I cant believe how big you kids are I remember when Phillip was born! so cute!!

teamw said...

I can't believe Tux was EVER a small puppy..he's so big but so fun. good thing you guys have a big yard :)