Monday, February 15, 2010

Oh No - Not Snow!

It is no secret - I am not a fan of snow.

It is cold.

It is wet.

Two things I am not fond of when it is freezing outside.

Put me on a beach in St. Lucia, and I will definitely be looking for something cold and wet, aside from the fact that I would be very happy.

But one month out from Spring, I am not looking for anything cold and wet, much less snow.

Granted, it is lovely to look at, everything covered in a white blanket. Very peaceful. Serene.

And I will admit that as long as I can stay tucked away in my house, and just watch the snow fall from my warm windows, I don't mind it so much.

And this year, that is exactly what I did. I even made Donny go out and take the pictures. It was very beautiful, while it lasted, which wasn't long, just the way I prefer.

The snow fell all afternoon and into the night on Friday. I would not let the kids out in it because it was so wet when it was coming down, and I didn't want them to get soaked through. So we enjoyed watching it fall and quickly accumulate from inside.

The next morning was breath-taking. The blue sky in contrast to the white trees - lovely

Donny and the kids spent about two hours outside playing, and then that was it. Good thing they went out early because by mid-afternoon it was mostly all gone.

And the end result- what every front porch across America must look like right now

St. Lucia anyone?

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