Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Birds, Butterflies, Blooms and Bribes

What are your kids willing to do for a pack of gum?

My kids LOVE gum, and since I frequently am able to get it for next to nothing, I keep a nice stash of it hidden away for moments when I need it. You see, my kids will do just about anything for a pack of gum. But more of that later.

If you live in the South, then you know that this past weekend was BEAUTIFUL. As soon as we found out how warm and pleasant it was going to be, we knew it was time to take the camper out for the first time this year.

We headed up to Pine Mountain (or should I say down since it is technically south of us) and camped at Roosevelt State Park and spent the day at Callaway Gardens. It was a great little trip and the fresh air and warm sunshine was perfect!

The Birds of Prey show was great, until some wild eagles decided to crash the party and freaked out all the birds in the show. Freaked out birds means "Show is Over!".

The Butterfly House was, well, it was just HOT! We were disappointed that there weren't more butterflies, but the ones we did see were lovely.

The Horticultural Center made me long for Spring, for flowers, and maybe even a trip to Hawaii.

And now today, it was snowing again. Crazy! But at least we got one perfect weather weekend out of the cold wet winter!

And speaking of perfect, all I had to do was offer up each kid a pack of gum to get some great shots of them on the mountain.

But don't ask them to share. They are not into that.

Now how long until we can go again?

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