Friday, January 29, 2010

A New Home for Tux

Have you ever had the chance to meet our giant dog? If so, then you most likely have said the words, "That is the biggest dog I have ever seen" or "He's such a sweet dog, but he's so dang big". Never had the pleasure of coming face to face with him? Sit at our kitchen table, and you would.

We got our giant dog as a birthday gift for Philip three years ago. He wasn't so much of a giant back then, but more of this cute little puppy that was just too hard to resist.

And now, ironically, because of Philip, , the giant dog had to go. Philip's asthma has continued to get worse with more and more days when he needs his rescue inhaler to help him control his breathing. Nothing is worse than watching your little boy have trouble getting enough air and struggle to breathe.

Along with a giant dog comes a lot of giant dog hairs and giant pet danders (whatever those things are). His doctor recommended we find a new home for him.

So after three years, our giant dog is gone. He has a new home in Luthersville now with a new family. Hopefully he will be happy. And his new family will love him and take good care of him and be able to afford to feed him.

As for Philip, it is still too soon to tell if he is getting better. He has had a runny nose lately, and any kind of respiratory/sinus drainage aggrevates his asthma symptoms. But hopefully, soon, we will be able to see an end to the coughing and breathing struggles.

Farewell, giant dog. Happy trails!

1 comment:

Laurie said...

Well, on the bright side, he won't dig up your flower bed anymore.

I hope Philip does better with his asthma.