Friday, January 8, 2010

Did it Snow?

Yes, just enough.

Just enough to make us true southerners remember why we choose to live in the South.

Just enough for schools to be cancelled and give me yet another reason to be thankful I am no longer working.

Just enough to tease the kids into actually wanting to go outside at 8:30 in the morning, only to be right back in a few minutes later, and prove to me that they actually do have some common sense.

Just enough to get a full load of laundry wet and ready to be washed.

Just enough to watch my giant dog act crazy sniffing and snorting around the ground followed by a good laugh as he slips and slides across the ice.

Just enough to make one very small piece of what should be a snowman, only to realize that we just didn't get enough to complete him.

Just enough that now at lunchtime, it is almost already gone.

Just enough to remind me that everything covered in white is beautiful and peaceful, but instills a love of spring and green in my heart that much deeper.

Just enough to get a few classic snow shots of the kids on the one day a year we have white stuff.

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