Wednesday, January 27, 2010

How Far We Have Come

You may remember a time not so long ago when Donny and I both had a moment of lapse in judgement and granted our only daughter the wish of her dreams - a sleepover. Not just with one friend, but two.

Since that time, there have been many sleepovers and we have come to enjoy them, except for the whole sibling rivalry that only a good sleepover can stir up.

For Madilyn's birthday she, like most girls her age, wanted to have a sleepover.

Okay, sure. Why not. You only turn 11 once in your life, and I better enjoy her while she still wants to hang out at home. As fast as time flies, it won't be long before being at home will be the last place she wants to be.

(insert my dreaded sigh here)

So on the Friday night after her birthday, three of her little girlfriends came over for what was supposed to be a sleepover.

We went to see Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel at the movies. Favorite part: The Chipettes singing and dancing to "All the Single Ladies". Those little rodents could move!

Now my wish for any sleepover would be sleeping. Why else is it called a sleepover? So about midnight, I settled them down (and after the candy surplus I had provided them with, this with no easy task!), and thought they would all be off in dreamland before long.

The next day, I was watching all of Madilyn's home videos they had recorded on her beloved new iPod during the night, and well, there was not any sleeping going on during that night. And who knew girls could act so wild and crazy? It was very interesting to see. I would post a video, but for some reason, one of the girls chose to not wear her pj pants, and I don't think her mother would appreciate me showing you the evidence of the immodesty.

So thanks girls for all the fun! And for provided Madilyn with the need to actually take a nap during the middle of a Saturday afternoon after you left. Miracles never cease!

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