Thursday, August 12, 2010

How We've Been Living

It's no secret I have not been updating my blog. And when you see how busy we have been this summer you might understand. If you don't I don't really care. You'll get over it eventually.

My kids got out of school for the summer the Friday before Memorial Day. From there, this is how it all went down

1st week - Me at my churches' Girls Camp for a week
2nd week - Home
3rd week - Camping at Stone Mountain
4th week - Colin and I at Cub Scout Day camp for a week
5th week - Camping in Alabama
6th week - Kids in Alabama, Donny and I in Chicago
7th week - Camping in Chattanooga
8th week - Kids in Mississippi, Donny and I camping at Stone Mountain
9th week - Mississippi for my brother's wedding
10th week - Back to school

As you can see, we packed it in this summer. Big time!

Donny started a new job on May 31st. He was unhappy with some things going on at the Kmart DC and with Sears Holdings company in general and decided it was time to look for a move. In no time, he had an offer from the Fulfillment Center here in the Atlanata area as an Operations Manager. And with all jobs there are always the good and the bad.

The good - To start out, he will only be working three days a week - Saturday, Sunday, Monday.

The bad - He will be working Sundays

But for the summer the job was great and we were able to do so much traveling and have lots of fun. Now the kids are back in school and we will see how well things continue to go.

Enjoy some pics from our summer adventures

My five fabulous young women I chaperoned at Girls' Camp

Stone Mountain Fun

Camping in Alabama with Donny's family

Chicago, Baby!

Chattanooga Fun where Nana joined us for a week of camping

Now I don't have any pictures of my brother's wedding because I am STILL WAITING on my sister (who was the photographer) to HURRY UP and edit the photos that EVERYONE is DYING to SEE!

So that wraps up our very exciting, fun, eventful, packed-full summer.

We are a week into school and back to reality.

Bring on the good times!

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Odie Langley said...

Hi Chrissy, Odie Langley in NC checking in. Loved the pictures and easy to see your family had a wonderful summer. You saw so much and made so many memories. Our vacation is having to wait for October when my wife and I go on our cruise to the Bahamas. It's been a long year waiting for it. Glad you are back with us and hope to see more reports and pictures soon. I have been updating my blog as well lately so please take time to check it out when you find time