Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The New Ole Blue

Remember how Ole Blue was giving us some trouble recently? Well, after we welcomed Suzie into the family, Donny decided it was time to bid farewell to his somewhat reliable old friend. A quick listing on Craigslist yielded dozens and dozens of emails and phonecalls. Who knew Ole Blue was so popular. In the end, a lucky 16-year old boy was gifted Ole Blue by his father, and in exchange, we got quite a nice stack of Franklin's.

So, the big question was raised. What do we do with this money?

Oh, believe me, I had many an idea floating around in my head. But we finally made a decision to purchase something the whole family could enjoy for years and years to come, something to would create lasting memories of good times and family fun for us all.

What could bring about such memories and delightfullness?

Well, nothing else but new hardwood floors for my living room. No more nasty carpet. Just beautiful clean floors that will last us forever and ever.

Oh, wait. Sorry. That's not quite right. That's what I would have selfishly spent the money on if it were just me I was thinking about. Nasty carpet, still in my living room.

But something better now sits in my garage along with my new friend, Suzie. The two of the them fit together quite comfortably, and our choice so far has yielded good times and actual fun together.

So, without further adieu, allow me to share with you our newest purchase

Yes, folks, we bought a pop-up camper. We have already taken her out twice, and I have to say, it has been really nice.

We camped last weekend at Stone Mountain park. They have a nice campground, and for us beginner campers, things couldn't have gone better. The weather this time of year is perfect for camping. It's not hot, you don't have to deal with bugs, the campfire is so warm and cozy, and did I mention that it's not hot? And since you have a camper with a heater to sleep in, what's to stop you?

Enjoy some pics of our trip

And apparently everywhere we go, someone has to be fighting. Luckily, this time, it was only the geese

Good times for all!

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Miriam said...

i am soooo jealous i really want one of these. Details please