Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I have a thing for Doctors

It's only the first day of the month, and already we are booked full of doctor appointments.

Today - Colin - doctor
12/8 - Philip - ENT
12/10 - Philip - Tonsilectomy surgery
12/15 - Colin - doctor
12/22 - Madilyn - Dr. Shore
12/22 - Madilyn - Dr. Fabregas

And somewhere in there I will have to squeeze in Philip's post-op ENT appointment and I need to go to the eye doctor. Let's just hope noone gets sick this month, because then I might as well pack up and move into the doctor's office.

I have a stack of EOB's the size of Mt. Everest at this point. My insurance company must really love me.

And, remember, Donny and I are open to taking a second wife if she is a doctor. So, if you know anyone . . .

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